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50 Years of Guiding Experience Leads to Some Pretty Great Gear.

Bight Gear was founded by mountaineer, and RMI Expeditions-owner Peter Whittaker to make sure his clients and guides had the best gear possible to climb Mount Rainier. After hundreds of ascents and thousands of clients, Peter knew what climbers needed to get up the most heavily-glaciated peak in the lower 48, and – perhaps more importantly – what they didn’t.

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It's Pretty Simple

We think gear should be built on the mountain, by the people who are using it. As climbers and guides, we don’t just test product; we work in it, we sweat in it, we suffer in it, and we celebrate in it.

Once it’s dialed, we build it for you.

  • Nate W.

    Solstice Graphene Hoody - Now this shirt is so smooth like running through an alpine waterfall. It feels great against the skin. It protects you from those vicious deadly cosmic rays. This shirt has all that you need for climbing, hiking and etc.

  • Susie A.

    Women's Fissure Tech Fleece - Love this jacket! Warm enough for an early morning trail run, yet light enough to tie around your waist if you get too hot. Also perfect for nights sitting down by the river.

  • Rod

    Men's Ember Down Jacket - This might become my favorite jacket. - and I have a closet full... I think it will be great climbing at altitude, heading to Peru in a couple of months, or climbing in the depths of New England winters, or just walking around town in the winter.

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