Goodbye... For Now

Big News

So we've got some big news... Bight Gear has officially been acquired by Black Diamond! We're pretty stoked about this acquisition, and here's why.

Power Partnership

Black Diamond has long been at the forefront of mountaineering hard goods - their Raven Pro ice axe and Contact Strap Crampons have won Best in Category in Whittaker Mountaineering's Guide Pick™ for literally as long as they've been doing it. Now they're revamping their mountaineering apparel line, and we get to help make it happen.

Not only will Black Diamond be incorporating some of Bight Gear's designs into their mountaineering apparel line, but they'll also be bringing our best asset on board; Peter Whittaker's brain.

Peter will be working closely with CEO Neil Fisk, a powerhouse of a partnership that goes back to the days of First Ascent at Eddie Bauer. Together, they'll be taking mountaineering apparel by storm; combining Bight's scrappy design principles and testing process with Black Diamond’s vast outdoor experience.

Thank You

As stoked as we are about this acquisition, it's bittersweet as well. Starting Bight Gear from scratch has been an incredible journey, and we are so thankful to you all for making it possible. The support we've received throughout the years, and the genuine love for our products and process, have made all the trials and tribulations worth it. Our goal is to continue making products that garner the same reaction, and we are excited to partner with Black Diamond!

Closing Sale

To thank you (and because we need to move some inventory) we're discounting the whole site at 30% off, from now until December 31st, 2023. It's your last chance to get your favorite Bight Gear styles, so why not stock up?

Thank you again, and we'll be in touch!

- The Bight Gear Team


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