The Long Climb Back...

The Long Climb Back...

Hey folks, it's been a while!

Probably about two years, give or take? We've got quite a bit to catch you up on, but first, a quick reminder of how we got here...

Birth of a Brand

Bight Gear was founded as Mountain Logic way back in the simple year of 2016. Our fearless leader and Primary Decision Maker (PDM) Peter Whittaker had recently come out of an 8 year relationship with Eddie Bauer / First Ascent, designing some of the best mountaineering gear and apparel since the 12 point crampon back in '38. He took his decades of mountaineering and gear design experience, ran it through the brutal feedback machine known as the guides at RMI Expeditions (more on that here), and voilà, Bight Gear was born.

Climbing High

Over the next four years, we pumped out 22 high-alpine work-wear styles, all of which underwent hundreds of thousands of vertical feet of testing and received blazing praise from users and the mountaineering community at large. We developed an incredible community of climbers all over the world, and perfected our guide feedback process. We were flying high and feeling good until...

Worldwide Chaos

Yep, you guessed it, 2020 is what happened. The Pandemic hit, our supply chains went bonkers and we basically had to firesale most of our product to stay afloat. For about two and a half years, we did everything we could just to keep the lights on, let alone flourish and grow on the trajectory we had hoped for. Things were pretty touch and go for a while there, and for a while we truly thought about scrapping the whole project. But now...

We're Back, Baby!

Not back to our former glory by any means, and we know we've got to earn your trust back; no matter how hard hit a brand is, leaving their customers in the dark isn't acceptable. But we were overwhelmed by the amount of messages we got from you guys, asking if we were going to continue production and letting us know just how much you love our stuff. So we're moving forward, and we're going to keep you in the loop as much as possible from now on. 

So What's the Plan, Stan?

We're starting, but we're starting small. This year, we're stoked to announce that the 2023 versions of our Women's and Men's Ascender Vests and Solstice Hoodies are available for purchase. We're trying out some new colors, but besides that everything you love about your favorite pieces is pretty much the same. Over the next few months, we'll be pulling together inventory financing for our '24 styles, which will include the Fissure Fleece and Ascender Jacket. 

We can't thank you enough for sticking with us through the last few years, and we're beyond stoked to revive this journey with you on our rope. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or reach out to us at

All the Best,

Kristian Whittaker


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So glad to hear that you all are back!

Aj Paulsen

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